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How To Set Up AV Equipment for Events

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Nailing the AV for an event is essential if you want to send the right message to your intended audience. Whether you’re selling a product, hosting a celebrity, speaking to employees, or putting on a show, you need to know how to setup your individualized audio-visual equipment. Here are some of the factors that go into making the right decisions:

Microphones for the Event

Before you can select a microphone you need to know several things: how many people will be using mics? Will they need to move around the stage (or room)? Will more than one person need to speak at the same time?

If it’s one person in one place, you probably want a wired microphone. If you’re taking questions from the crowd, a handheld wireless mic is better. And if you have a dynamic speaker who moves around the stage, you may want a wireless, hands-free mic, like a lavalier, which clips to the tie or lapel, or even a headset mic that goes over the ear. It all depends on what kind of event you’re putting on and your needs.

Screens and Projectors for the Event

If you’re in a small room, or in a booth on a convention-room floor, a flat-screen TV may be all the screen that you need. Otherwise, it’s important to know the aspect ratio of your screen. Aspect ratio refers to the ratio between the width and height of the screen. The two most common ratios are 16:9 (for High Definition screens) and 4:3 (for Standard Definition). Knowing the aspect ratio is important especially when a specialized set is being built for your stage, or when multiple devices are going to be used to project.

As for the projector, you need to know if you’re going to be showing screenshots, such as PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, or videos. It’s also important to know whether or not you are going to be filming or streaming the presentation, as you may need an AV switcher/mixer to toggle between shots of the presenter/stage and close ups of the projections.

A video switcher/mixer is essential if you’re going to have more than one computer involved in projection, or recording video.

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Image Source: Pexels.com

Audio for the Event

Just as a video switcher/mixer is important for your visual components, an audio mixer is needed if you’re going to be using more than one microphone, or if you have music/video that will be incorporated. Based on your needs, various soundboards can be used to handle multiple computer and microphone inputs.

An adequate speaker system is important, as many venues don’t have a built-in PA system (or a good PA system). If you have musicians or performers on stage, a more robust sound system will be needed.

As with a video mixer, a soundboard is something that you may want an engineer to control, especially if you’re going to be putting on shows with varying microphones and noise levels (such as speakers combined with musicians).

Presenters at the Event

To make everything go smoothly, you’ll want to make the presenters feel at ease as much as possible. Just as practice and rehearsal are important, so is the setup of the podium, microphone, and presentation area. If your presenter is at a podium, do they need a laptop? Are they controlling their own slides, or is someone offstage? Do they need a stationary microphone or a lavalier? Will they be using a laser pointer or clicker?

Lighting the Stage

Many venues rely simply on a spotlighted speaker and a dark stage, but you may want a stage that is lit with your corporate brand colors, or a holiday theme, or mood lighting to create a certain ambiance. A simple spotlight can be manned by stage crew, but a lighting designer might be needed to create the look and feel of the stage that is customized to your event. And if dynamic lighting is required—light changes throughout the event—then a lighting board might be needed.

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