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Top AV Equipment Rentals in NYC

When looking to plan an event in NYC, renting AV equipment may seem like a hassle, but with Kinney Group Events, we provide all of the top AV equipment rentals in NYC. We provide top of the line AV rentals for any size event, at any budget – from corporate functions to gaming conventions, we have the the cutting edge technology to power your event. We offer technical support all the way from the initial design phase, through set up, the event, and take down. Go to our website for a free quote – just give us basic information about the needs for your event and we will send you an AV equipment rental price list. When you need to rent AV equipment, consider the following:


When choosing the right audio equipment rental NYC, consider your venue, event type and number of attendees. If you don’t know exactly what you need to make your event perfect, that’s okay! Just provide us with the basic information and we will determine what you need, then give you options to choose from. Our AV equipment rental price list will include several package options so your event can be a success at your budget. Trust in us to choose the right AV rentals responsibly and professionally. 



Start with microphones – will your event have one speaker or many? Will the microphones be used in one area of the event or all over? We can accomodate for any range of these microphone needs. Our handheld microphone options make it easy to pass from one speaker to another. We have both corded and wireless options depending on the range of motion required. Will your event require more than one microphone? If so then we have the mixers and soundboards necessary to keep it all connected and make sure everyone can be heard. When you rent AV equipment with us, our team of technicians will help to balance sound, manage feedback levels and adjust volume to create the right atmosphere. 

The microphones will all connect to our many different speaker options, both standard and monitor speakers. Our speakers can also seamlessly connect to computers or other devices to provide the soundtrack to your event or hear important messages. Our PA loudspeakers create a powerful sound that can be heard from all corners of the room. Main speakers can be paired with monitor speakers so that all of the performers or presenters can hear themselves the same as the audience. All of our speakers come in multiple sizes and can fit into any sized venue. KGE even has your DJ equipment rentals covered if you really want to make a splash with your event! All of these audio packages are completely customizable and tailored to the needs of your specific event. 



Stand out and be seen with our visual equipment rentals. No event would be complete without the right visuals. Our projectors, screens, and TV monitor options will provide the exact right level of visibility for any event. Your AV equipment rental price list will also include options for video packages to enhance your event. Corporate and business events may be interested in our Polycom conferencing technology which makes communication and collaboration possible with anyone around the world. We can project video of the other participants, so they can participate in the presentation or conversation taking place. It will feel like they are in the room too, with our cutting edge video and audio quality. Gaming events in NYC will also be interested in renting AV equipment with us, because we can bring video games to life with our multitude of sizes for screens to display the action on. We can even make it life size with our video walls!



KGE’s AV rental equipment is top of the line and will suit all of your needs. We work with you side by side to bring your ideas into reality. When you rent AV equipment with us, you will be taken care of and all who participate will be left wanting more. KGE Audio equipment rental NYC will make sure everyone is heard loud and clear, and the visual rental component will bring to life the picturesque image of your event. Visit our website to give us a basic idea of what your dream event will look like and we will tell you how! After you contact us, we will get back to you with possible options and several AV equipment rental price lists. Then we can move forward and create something magical together.