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What AV Equipment Do You Need for a Conference?

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There is nothing more frustrating than, after preparing for weeks and weeks for an important presentation, to have technical issues that make you and your organization look foolish. You need the audio-visual equipment at your conference to operate smoothly, seamlessly, and consistently. A failure of a projector or a microphone or a light could sour a potential client and could be the difference between a sale and a failure.

Here is a quick breakdown of what AV equipment you need to have your conference flow seamlessly.

What Audio-Visual Equipment Do You Need for Your Conference?

Visual Display

For an in-office conference room, a large HDTV may be the only thing that you need (with the accompanying adapters). But if you’re planning on a conference or convention, you could use anything from LED displays to plasma screens to video walls.

While the old standard of a screen and projector is often all that you need, there’s nothing that can beat the wow-factor of a large Hi-Res LED video wall. It can beckon conventioneers over from across a hall and blast your message out across a huge environment. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and a large, precision video display is a great way to begin.

Audio Systems

For a conference or meeting room, you may not need anything more than a single handheld mic, or an over-the-ear wireless microphone, all of which can be routed through your PA systems. But when you get on a bigger scale, you’re looking for bigger options, including speakers, audio packages, and DJ equipment.

Kinney Group Event’s speaker and microphone rentals in NYC help you get the perfect AV equipment for your next conference.


Lighting can make or break a presentation, highlighting the speaker, creating a mood, composing a stage, or being versatile enough to do all three things at once. For a stage performance, a spotlight might be in order, but for a more comfortable company event you may want to light the room in corporate colors, or holiday colors, or any other combination of colors to create the ambiance needed for your gathering.

Stages and Risers

You don’t need to rent a concert venue to host an event. Instead, bring in a stage and risers for a custom look, perfectly tailored to your private or corporate event. Create a multi-tiered space, custom stairs, positioned platforms, and everything you need to organize a stage that works perfectly for your conference or presentation.

Things You Need to Do to Maximize Your Audio-Visual Presentation

First, hire a professional AV team to customize your audio-visual equipment. Depending on the office IT guy to make sure everything works smooth may be good enough for a simple meeting, but if you need to really sell an idea, or wow an audience, there’s nothing more important than getting the right people on your team who know what they’re doing, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

You don’t want a projector to fail, or a microphone to break, and be flailing to find a last-minute solution. It’s better to have AV professionals on hand to tackle any problems you may face.

Second, know your needs in advance. Every conference hates it when a presenter shows up at the last minute needing an iPad adapter or a thumb drive with no laptop. Knowing what you need from the beginning and having the right staff on hand to meet those needs is essential.

Third, know what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you need to record the presentation? Do you need to livestream it? Do you need to record the audio? All of these things play an integral part in knowing what equipment you’re going to need, and what kind of crew you’ll need to run it.

Kinney Group Events Can Accommodate All Your AV Presentation Needs

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